Knee Pain: Myths vs. Facts

knee pain myths vs facts

Knee pain is a common issue that brings people to our Chicago pain doctors. The most common cause of knee pain is injury, either through sporting accidents or simple wear and tear of the joints. We’re here to help you understand the myths and facts surrounding knee pain.

Myth: If you have knee pain you should stop exercising.

Rest is often advised immediately following a sports injury, but some gentle movement is important for promoting good circulation and keeping the joints limber. It’s important to stay active, within limits advised by your physician, even if you have knee pain.

Myth: The only treatment for knee pain is surgery.

Surgery can be useful for severe knee injuries, but shouldn’t be the treatment of first resort. There are many risks associated with surgery, and recovery times can be long. Physiotherapy and knee surgery alternatives such as glucosamine, growth factor injections, or hyaluronic acid injections should be explored first.

Fact: Lifestyle changes can help with knee pain.

Mild knee pain can be managed without surgery through physical therapy and lifestyle changes. The double board-certified, fellowship-trained doctors at MAPS can help people manage their knee pain via bracing and supports, light exercise, and other knee surgery alternatives.

Fact: Knee pain injections can do more than just dull the pain.

Steroid-based knee pain injections can help reduce inflammation, while growth factor and hyaluronic acid injections help improve lubrication and promote the regrowth of healthy tissue. These injections use the body’s natural healing powers to promote healthy knees and can be effective pain management options.

If you’re struggling with knee pain and would like to know about the alternatives available to you, schedule an appointment with a MAPS pain doctor today for a no-obligation consultation. Our Chicago pain doctors are here to help you eradicate knee pain and get back to the active lifestyle you enjoy.