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Providing a New Level of Medical Excellence in Treating Pain With Care and Compassion

MAPS Centers For Pain Control is a unique group that founded a practice based on committing ourselves to achieving and maintaining the highest level of medical care in pain medicine in the Midwest.

Our medical team is uniquely qualified to provide a balanced approach to pain management with non-surgical, FDA-approved treatments such as injection therapy, interventional pain medicine, minimally-invasive procedures, combined with holistic and comprehensive therapy modalities including physical rehabilitation, chiropractic, and alternative therapies.

Our practice is founded on four key principles that allow us to give our patients the best possible experience at MAPS:

Specialists in Comprehensive Pain Management

Each physician at MAPS is double-board certified in pain medicine and specialities such as anesthesiology, physiatry, and primary care, making them true experts in diagnosing, treating, and providing pain treatment. Above that, we are also fellowship-trained – the highest achievable distinction awarded by the American Board of Anesthesiology in the fields of anesthesiology and interventional pain medicine, which require both written and oral examinations and participation in lifelong re-certification requirements. This means that every patient we treat receives care with the latest medical technology, practices and techniques possible.

Acknowledgement and Recognition

We take the time to acknowledge and recognize our patients as individuals who entrust our team to help them through difficult, painful injuries and conditions. At MAPS – you aren’t just a patient. You’re a unique individual whom we will do everything in our professional power to treat.

Champions of Patient Advocacy

Our methodology and proprietary billing system, paired with our extensive knowledge of personal injury and workers compensation laws means that we have more time to spend with our patients than any other clinic. We provide patients with the medical guidance they need, so they are informed and empowered on their path to wellness.

Dedication to Patient Care

What sets us apart from other clinics is our level of dedication to care that our patients have come to know and expect. We work with most major insurances and have processes in place that expedite paperwork – meaning we have more time to dedicate in person when assessing and treating our patients. Compassion and care are a given when you’re at a MAPS clinic.

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