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What Is Interventional Pain Management?

Generally speaking, pain management methods can be sorted into two categories. One would be interventional pain management while the other would be integrative pain management. For those who are unfamiliar, interventional pain management focuses on the interruption of pain messages from the nerves to the brain with minimal invasiveness. On the other hand, integrative pain management focuses on the use of alternative medicine as well as other complementary pain management methods for similar goals.

At Midwest Anesthesia and Pain Specialists, our philosophy takes both approaches into stride, because each patient’s treatment plan is individualized for their needs. Here are some other options to consider for treating chronic pain outside of traditional surgery.

Why Should You Consider Interventional Pain Management?

Interventional pain management has been shown to be an effective pain management method for a variety of conditions and injuries. In fact, there are more studies that confirm their usefulness, effectiveness, and long-term positive patient outcomes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee that these pain management methods will work for everyone who is in need of pain relief. However, it does increase the chance that one of them will have the desired effect.

Similarly, the proven nature of interventional pain management means that health insurance policies offer more coverage for them. Thanks to this, these pain management methods tend to be more accessible to interested individuals because they have to pay less out of their own pockets.

At MAPS, we work with most major insurances, as well as worker’s compensation, to help patients get the treatment they need and focus on getting better.

Choose a Leader in Pain Management in Chicago

We offer a combination of consummate professionalism with real care for the well-being of our patients. Every single one of our physicians has been double-board certified in both pain medicine and anesthesiology. At the same time, we are always keeping a watchful eye on the latest developments in the field of pain relief so that we can offer the latest, most innovative techniques and technologies that are nonetheless proven to work. 

Each one of our patients is a unique individual, which is why we take a holistic approach to pain management so that we can treat the root of their problems from multiple angles for superior results. Throughout this process, we strive to keep our patients well-informed so that they always have a clear idea of how they are being treated as well as why they are being treated using said method. Information is empowering and helps us all throughout the process!

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Chronic pain is a serious problem, and chronic pain management deserves serious thought. To learn more about how MAPS can help, please contact us so that we can get started! You have nothing to lose but the pain.