Do your knees hurt? Whether it’s the result of an injury or a medical condition, knee pain can be extremely frustrating. When left unaddressed, this pain can greatly limit your ability to walk and take care of yourself. To get relief, many people visit a knee pain doctor, only to learn that they need surgery.

Not only is surgery a long, complex procedure, but it also comes with lengthy recovery times. And, if the surgery fails, it can leave your knee in even worse condition. If you’re looking for non-surgical, drug-free knee pain treatments, we have you covered. MAPS Centers for Pain Control, the most trusted name in interventional pain medicine in Chicagoland, offers a personalized program designed to deliver long-term relief. Here’s a closer look at how treatment works and the special features that set our team apart.

Knee Pain Treatments

Every patient has their own unique experience with knee pain. At MAPS, we respect that individuality by learning more about your symptoms and medical history. Then, we come up with knee pain treatments geared towards results. Our plans consist of two main treatments: injection-based therapy and bracing.

Our injection-based therapy uses your body’s natural healing process to improve knee strength and relieve pain, all without surgical intervention. There are three main injections available:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections: Uses hyaluronic acid, a natural bodily substance, to promote cell growth and lower pain
  • Growth Factor Injections: Encourages the body to heal and produce new, healthy cells
  • Steroidal-Based Injections: Provides quick pain relief

In addition to injections, many of our patients wear knee braces. By placing weight off of the affected knee, braces help reinforce stability and balance. Despite what you may have heard, a knee brace doesn’t totally impede movement — the wearer can still participate in light activities as they work towards recovery.

After using both these methods, many patients have reported lower pain levels and improved knee health. Overall, our knee pain program lasts five weeks, but can be repeated every six to twelve months if needed. Along with a personalized treatment plan, patients enjoy the hands-on support of our devoted team.

MAPS: Compassionate Care That Puts the Patient First

The MAPS team, which includes board-certified and fellowship trained doctors, is dedicated to ending unnecessary pain and suffering. No matter what the source of your knee pain is, you can count on us to devise a personalized treatment plan focused on your unique needs.

As part of our patient-centered approach, we work with most major insurances (including Medicaid) and help expedite paperwork. This gives us more time to focus on what’s important: helping patients battle knee pain through individualized, non-surgical solutions. Our commitment, compassion and high-quality care makes us a leader in pain relief in the Chicagoland area. Contact us today to learn more!