No matter if it’s caused by a chronic condition, sports injury or simply aging, knee pain has a significant impact on your quality of life. Traditional treatments like surgery and medication may not always be the ideal solution. Fortunately, innovative treatments like amniotic injection therapy from a double board-certified and fellowship trained knee pain doctor at MAPS Centers for Pain Control clinics in Chicagoland may offer solutions to your knee pain issues.

Understanding Amniotic Therapy for Knee Pain

Amniotic therapy harnesses the power of amniotic tissue or fluid to promote your body’s natural healing processes. Derived from the amniotic sac and placenta of healthy, full-term pregnancies, amniotic therapy for knee pain supports relief for joint issues and tissue repair. This ground-breaking alternative medicine that’s available from MAPS Center for Paint Control clinics also works for a wide range of other conditions, such as sports injuries, wounds that don’t heal and diseases that cause the body to degenerate — all without surgery or drugs.

How Amniotic Injection Therapy Works

Amniotic therapy for knee pain begins with a consultation at MAPS Center for Pain Control clinics, where our experienced staff assess your condition, reviews your medical history and presents options for treatment. If your knee pain doctor thinks amniotic injection therapy is right for you, our technicians utilize a processed solution featuring voluntary donations of donor placental tissue and inject it in your affected knee. These injections deliver the amniotic solution precisely to the damaged area for minimal discomfort and maximum effectiveness.

The Benefits of Amniotic Injection Therapy

Amniotic therapy for knee pain provides numerous benefits when you’re looking for an alternative to treating your issues with surgery or drugs. First, this cutting-edge treatment leverages your body’s own healing processes and utilizes only compounds found there naturally, reducing inflammation and encouraging healing and repair. As a consequence, you should notice reduced pain immediately, which increases your quality of life and gets you back on your feet again. As a bonus, amniotic injection therapy works well for stubborn conditions that often defy conventional treatment to help you lead a happier, healthier life.

Consult with a Knee Pain Doctor Today

Explore your alternatives for knee pain relief by scheduling a free consultation at MAPS Center for Pain Control clinics. We ask the right questions when you come to us for amniotic injection therapy, carefully explaining the process and letting you know what to expect in terms of aftercare. Our compassionate staff is committed to delivering safe, effective treatments to help our knee pain patients live active, pain-free lives, and amniotic therapy for knee pain aids you by kickstarting your body’s natural healing process. Contact us for a consultation today to find the right double board-certified and fellowship trained knee pain doctor for your needs.