Amniotic tissue therapy is a leading-edge medical technology for the non-invasive treatment of joint pain, sports injuries, and other conditions. Learn about how this bio-compatible, all-natural technique offers a path to freedom from chronic pain.

What is Amniotic Tissue Therapy (or Amniotic Fluid Injection)?

Amniotic tissue therapy (also known as amniotic injection or amniotic fluid therapy) is a cutting-edge method of boosting the body’s natural healing mechanisms.
Using tissues and fluids derived from the placenta and amniotic sac of a full-term and healthy pregnancy, it stimulates and accelerates the repair of damaged or diseased tissue. This form of therapy can be highly effective in the treatment of a range of conditions including joint pain, chronic wounds and degenerative diseases, and sports injuries.

Does Amniotic Therapy Work?

Amniotic injection therapy has a proven record of success, often working where other treatments haven’t. Over the past two decades, more than 20,000 procedures have formed a body of study that confirms both the effectiveness and safety of this technique.

The process begins with placental tissue that’s acquired via a voluntary donor program. Mothers give consent before the delivery of a healthy, full-term newborn by Cesarean section. That recovered tissue — which would otherwise be discarded — is processed and preserved, screened, sterilized and packaged according to stringent protocols.

This tissue makes possible a medical technology that uses the unique restorative properties of collagen substrates more concentrated in the umbilical cord than anywhere else in the body. Their role in protecting the growth process from outside forces and trauma is what makes them highly effective in promoting healing.

Benefits of Amniotic Therapy

Amniotic therapy, because of the materials and processes it involves, is safe, effective and all-natural. Driven by components already found in the human body, it has demonstrated an ability to address stubborn injuries, promote joint pain relief and reduce inflammation. Its considerable power to promote and accelerate natural healing makes it one of the major emerging success stories of modern medicine.

Why Choose Amniotic Therapy?

The properties of amniotic therapy are rooted in the extracellular matrix or ECM proteins native to amniotic tissue. These proteins work with other growth factors such as cytokines to promote the migration and proliferation of the cells that are so essential in tissue repair.

What makes it safe, non-invasive and widely trusted is that amniotic tissues come from components already found in the human body. This also makes the recovery process far shorter than traditional surgery.

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