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These are only a few ways to describe the approach to managing and treating auto accident patients at MAPS Centers For Pain Control.

Auto Accident Injuries and Treatments

6 million car accidents occur each year in the United States. Car accidents are scary, dangerous, and just bad news for everyone involved. No one can ever be prepared for a car accident. The good news is that proper education and preparation can help avoid further pain and expenses down the line. If needed, MAPS is the best auto injury clinic to help you recover from a car accident. We have car accident injury doctors ready to assist your healing today.

MAPS helps patients recovering from injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. Our physicians are uniquely qualified and experienced in treating whiplash, back pain, knee pain, and other painful injuries that can arise from car accidents.

Nobody handles injury cases like the team at MAPS.

Because of our medical expertise, and dedication to patient care, our team provides a level of medical excellence that’s unparalleled. We are truly dedicated to improving our patients’ well-being. Experience our specialized auto accident injury treatments tailored to your unique needs.

We work with all insurance companies.

Our team is with our patients every step of the way – providing the medical care and support needed through a complex and challenging experience.

From Injury to Recovery – A Full Spectrum of Care

Because of our extensive services, both in medical offerings as well as our streamlined processes, we can provide our car accident patients with the medical care and compassion they need to get better.

Common Auto Accidents We Treat:

  • Whiplash and Neck Pain
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Herniated or Bulging Discs in the Back
  • Dislocated Shoulder
  • “Dashboard” Knee and other Bodily Injuries
  • Concussion
  • Muscle Stiffness & Soreness

A comprehensive therapy plan is the best method for treating injuries caused by car accidents, because these therapies treat multiple regions of the body. This may include a series of treatments including interventional pain medicine, posture control, neck and spine exercises, various injection-based protocols, and other plans that a MAPS physician may recommend.

Treatments for Auto Accidents

When someone is in pain, it’s hard to travel from clinic to clinic to visit different doctors with different levels of expertise. For this reason, our clinics are all prepped and designed to offer a range of treatments and therapies for a number of injuries and conditions to best meet the needs of our patients. Let MAPS be your ultimate destination for car accident injury treatments.

Treatments may include:

responsible hand and elbow treatments

Interventional Pain Medicine

Invasive surgery is becoming a thing of the past. As a leader in innovative, minimally-invasive pain treatments, our double-board certified physicians are trained in Interventional Pain and Anesthesia – making us the most qualified team for your needs.

foot and ankle injection treatments

Injection-Based Therapy

Many patients respond positively to our injection-based treatments which offer the benefit of rapid pain relief as well as the benefits of being non-surgical. Depending on the location of the injury, your MAPS physician may recommend an injection-based treatment plan.

responsible hand and elbow treatments

Responsible Medication Management

While the opioid crisis has made a negative impact on reducing the pain of Americans, there is still a place for responsible medication management that is closely monitored and observed if it provides a benefit to our patients.

shoulder pain physical treatments

Physical Therapy

Some patients may find improvement through a customized treatment plan that may include stretching, strengthening, core work, or a number of other treatments. If appropriate, a MAPS physician may provide a referral for PT.

therapeutic massage for neck pain

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy, especially when combined with other treatments, can be an effective outlet for reducing muscle pain, tension, and stress. If appropriate, a MAPS physician may provide a referral for massage therapy for a patient.

back pain relief treatments


This method helps to rehabilitate and improve the mobility of the joints by manipulating and exercising them. Many whiplash and concussion victims find this therapy to be effective in reducing their pain. For this reason, a MAPS physician may refer a patient to one of our trusted chiropractic partners in the area.

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