Jumpstart 2022 and Say Goodbye to Sciatic Pain!

jumpstart 2022 and say goodbye to sciatic pain

Around this time every year, we start to do a little daydreaming about the incredible things the new year may hold. Unfortunately, the busyness of this season might stir up a little more than inspiration—those with sciatica could experience flare ups in symptoms which not only put a damper on holiday spirits, but also any excitement about a healthier and more active 2022. When you’re dealing with sciatica, even simple movements can cause intense, searing pain, so how can you expect to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions? By getting a jumpstart in 2022 by saying goodbye to back pain!

The Science of Sciatica

Many people believe that sciatica is a disease or condition, but it’s actually a collection of symptoms related to dysfunction of the sciatic nerve, and can be related to any number of conditions. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, splitting away from the spinal cord to move down through each leg. When areas of the nerve are under pressure or inflamed, it can result in intense, radiating, searing, dull, or aching pain, numbness, tingling, pins and needles, and weakness, and it can worsen by coughing, sneezing, bending, twisting, standing, walking, and even sitting and lying down. Finding effective solutions to this debilitating condition requires an experienced team, an accurate diagnosis, and a treatment plan that takes care of the pain and creates an improvement in function.

Common Treatments

Midwest Pain and Anesthesia Specialists are Chicagoland’s leaders in pain relief, and offer a number of non-surgical alternatives for sciatica relief that are fast, effective, and on the cutting edge of technology:

  • Injection Based treatments use a number of medications and injection locations to offer rapid, non-surgical pain relief, including lumbar sympathetic block injections, epidural steroid and sacroiliac joint injections, and trigger point injections.
  • Responsible Medication Management means that you won’t just be handed a prescription, but that your medication regimen will be monitored compassionately and ethically, and supplemented with effective OTC medications and supplements.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures work by intercepting pain signals to the brain, and rather than masking symptoms with medication, many patients get relief from procedures like RF Ablation, Disc Decompression, and Spinal Cord Stimulator Implantation. Since pain is a stressor that can contribute to delayed healing, it’s important to manage pain sensations as soon and as effectively as possible.
  • Physical Therapy is often one of the most important aspects of maintaining pain relief, because it helps to strengthen muscles that support better posture and balance.
  • Bracing and Support are excellent rehabilitative tools to use during injury recovery, because they can provide stability to the bones and ligaments in the spine while therapies work to strengthen muscles.

Ready to Get a Jumpstart on 2022?

At Midwest Pain and Anesthesia Specialists, your comfort and wellness are our top priorities, and we’re dedicated to helping you find sciatica relief fast. Our health and longevity depend on maintaining a strong, active frame and on getting restorative sleep, and finding back pain relief with our professional team will give you the foundation you need to meet those goals in the new year. Contact us today for your own customized, comprehensive treatment plan!