How to Stop Back Pain from Holding You Back in 2022

How to Stop Back Pain from Holding You Back in 2022

Chronic back pain is complex, with an impact that reaches through every level of the human experience. Not only can it tax physical energy levels and even the immune system, it can lead to challenges with maintaining mental and emotional health, which frays any sense of stability and confidence. Stress about discomfort with increased activity can keep you from living an active and satisfying life, and with the new year transition fresh in the rearview, it may be time to put those concerns in the past. Which back pain relief tips are most important for more ease in 2022?

Know the Source

If you’ve been living with back pain for a while, your condition may have changed, or could now include other areas that will also need support for improvement. Effective back pain treatment relies on treating the injury at the source, so involving a medical team with the necessary expertise to identify the issue will save you valuable time and money and help you get relief faster.

Understand Common Causes

Acquiring an injury or tissue damage that results in pain is more common as we age, and there are a number of sources that could result in compromising conditions:

  • Auto Accidents resulted in 4.5 million medically-consulted injuries in 2019 alone; the tremendous forces involved in an impact can strain soft tissues and damage joints and bone.
  • Personal Injuries can result from trips and falls, or painful twists, strains, and accidents that occur around the home.
  • Sports Injuries can present in seasoned athletes, weekend warriors, or in those new to workouts, and likely result in muscle, tendon, or ligament sprains or tears but can include inflammation and overuse injuries like “tennis” or “golf” elbow.
  • Worker’s Comp accidents happen less frequently than in the past, but there are still 3.4 injuries reported per hundred employees, which result from issues like accidents and overuse.
  • Joint degradation in the form of osteoarthritis (OA) affects 32.5 million Americans annually, and inflammatory conditions affect even more.

Investigate Alternatives

There are a number of new options available for helping you shift out of stifling back pain and into more ease in movement, and the increased activity required to lead a healthier lifestyle:

  • Innovative pain management could include injections therapies like nerve blocks, intra-articular joint injections, trigger point injections, and ViscoSupplementation
  • Additional surgical alternatives include patches, ablation, pumps, and stimulator implantation
  • Physical modalities to support injury healing include structural alignment with chiropractic, muscle and tissue manipulation for increased blood flow with massage, and customized treatment protocols involving stretching and strengthening exercises typical of physical therapy

MAPS Centers For Pain Control Offer Complete Care

Chronic back pain can come from complex conditions, and effective treatment for pain relief will need to utilize a variety of modalities to ensure proper healing of all of the tissues involved. From effective and ethical interventional pain management to physical rehabilitation through therapeutic massage, chiropractic, and mindful movement recommendations for strengthening, hopes of moving toward full recovery require full spectrum care.

Are you Seeking a Way Forward?

Lingering back pain can leave you feeling stuck in life, and finding a way into a healthier and more active future can be a challenge without experienced guides on your side. The compassionate care teams at any of our 7 Chicagoland locations are eager to help you turn a new leaf in wellness in this new year. Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive treatment options available to care for your condition.