Top 5 Benefits of Physical Therapy

MAPS - Top 5 Benefits of Physical Therapy

With long work days, long commutes, and a full streaming schedule, it comes as no surprise that 80% of Americans don’t get enough physical activity. Aside from being necessary to maintain a healthy weight, movement is important for keeping muscles strong for balance, mobility, and for protection from strain and injury. When injuries do happen, successful rehabilitation can be complex, and isn’t just a matter of healing a break or tear. Getting back to full function can often involve re-conditioning, strengthening, and dynamic training to relearn healthy ways of movement. Who can you call to manage pain and help rebuild your body? The phenomenal physical therapists at MAPS Centers for Pain Control are here to help.

What is a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists are healthcare specialists that evaluate and treat injuries and disorders of movement that impact daily function. Not only is their work essential for pain management, but the physical therapy skills they apply and teach also improve range of motion, balance, and function so patients can maintain and reach their highest potentials. At MAPS, services from our in-house physical therapy clinic are a valued and imperative adjunct to the interventional pain treatments available.

What do Physical Therapists do?

After an injury, the body quickly compensates to avoid pressure and pain, and these temporary changes in posture and gait can quickly lead to physiological changes that actually make the condition more painful and complex to recover from. Physical therapists improve dysfunction in posture and movement through hands-on techniques like massage, manipulation, and stimulation, and reduce pain with targeted stretches and strengthening exercises.

What are the Top Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only those suffering from an injury that can greatly benefit from physical therapy treatment. What are some of the most incredible impacts of this support?

  1. Pain Management

Lasting pain relief often involves targeted strengthening to support recovery, and patients that incorporate physical therapy can expect long-term improvement in pain and function.

  1. Avoid Surgery, or Recover Faster

Patients can avoid surgery altogether or anticipate a much faster recovery by strengthening support muscles around an injury, and by learning safe ways to move their bodies before and after the procedure.

  1. Improve Balance

Seniors looking to prevent falls will find great improvements in balance by strengthening muscles, maintaining body awareness with targeted exercises, and by practicing complex movement patterns.

  1. Improve Mobility

Pain conditions can leave us feeling vulnerable and prevent comfortable movement. Physical therapy can lengthen tight muscles and tissues, strengthen weak ones, and introduce safe, confident mechanics.

  1. Recovery or Prevention of Sports Injuries

Sports activities often involve fast, jarring movements, impact with the ground or equipment, and cross-body mechanics that can strain unconditioned muscles and tissues. Working with qualified physical therapists on how to best prepare for safe movement or recover from sports-related injuries can help keep you at the top of your game.

Our Movement Experts Help Manage Pain

At MAPS Centers for Pain Control, we offer comprehensive care plans, so in addition to helping you find rapid and effective pain relief with the most advanced interventional pain medicine and alternative therapies available, we understand that some conditions will require further support for lasting results. The exceptional physical therapists at MAPS specialize in safe and balanced movement, and are eager to help you on the road to recovery. Contact us today!