Swimming Exercises for Sciatica Patients

swimming exercises for sciatica patients - pain management

Living with sciatica can be a painful experience. However, there are swimming exercises recommended by healthcare professionals that can help you to maintain your mobility while also helping you to manage the pain associated with your condition. Regular light exercise can encourage flexibility while also helping release endorphins.

Here are some great exercises to promote mobility and muscular conditioning – read below!

Pool Walking
Pool walking is a great all-around exercise for people living with sciatica. Simply stand in water that comes up to your chest and walk around the pool. You can walk forwards or backward and even hold small weights to crank up the intensity a little.

Arm Exercises
Again, in waist-high water, place your arms at your side with your palms facing forward and flex until your forearms reach the surface. Push your hands down and fully extend your arms to complete a repetition. You may want to wear hand webs to increase the resistance under the water.

Leg Raises
In the shallow end of the pool with water up to your waist, place your hands on the edge of the pool to give you extra support. Lift your leg out in front of you as high as is comfortable before extending it, flexing your knee until it’s at a 90-degree angle. Afterward, lower your leg and repeat the same process with your other leg.

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