Keep Back Pain at Bay with Bracing

back pain with bracing
Back pain is an epidemic in America. Whether it’s upper, mid, or lower back pain, as much as 80% of the population will experience a problem at some point in their lives. That’s why our team at Midwest Anesthesia and Pain Specialists are experts in delivering word-class medical care through an innovative, minimally invasive method that harnesses the power of bracing!

So how can a back brace help with everyday pain?

The Backstory on Back Pain

Nearly 16 million adults in the US experience persistent or chronic back pain. For our patients, that means their lives are limited in a number of everyday activities. According to a study by Georgetown University, back pain is the sixth most costly condition in our country, because it impacts the ability to go to work, school, and partake in many common activities.

Fortunately, using a back brace can help in a number of ways to both overcome chronic pain, as well as recover from past surgeries, recent injuries, or other causes of pain.

Types of Braces

Generally speaking, back braces are categorized in three different ways. Flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid.

Flexible braces are used for patients who experience mild back pain. They provide structural support and alignment in the back, but offer the highest level of mobility so the patient can still engage in moderate physical activities.

Semi-rigid, as the name implies, give more support to the back’s structure and are suited to give mobility as well.

Rigid back braces offer up the highest level of compression and support, and help to align everything in the spinal column while distributing weight evenly and off the pain zones. They also significantly reduce the range of motion to prevent forward, backward, and side-to-side bending. This improves the chances of healing the area by limiting irritation and any kind of jarring motions.

Getting Fitted

Depending on the nature of your back pain, your physician at MAPS will give you a full consult on the approtae size, fit, and type of brace you should use to provide effective pain relief. Bracing is also covered by insurance and therefore is absolutely a recommended part of our treatment plans for back pain patients.

There is absolutely nothing fun about back pain. At MAPS, our team is ready to help our patients take the first step towards effective, long lasting pain relief. Contact us today to get your appointment!