5 Injuries from a Car Accident You Should Never Ignore

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Car accidents can happen to anyone, even the most cautious and experienced driver. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, here are five common injuries that you should never ignore, as they can lead to ongoing medical concerns that can significantly impact your quality of life and mobility.

At Midwest Anesthesia and Pain Specialists, our compassionate medical team is well versed and experienced in helping patients overcome injuries from car accidents. Here are some of the most common issues we see:

Whiplash or Neck Pain

This is one of the most common Chicago car accident injuries and occurs when your head is thrown back and forth. The worst part is that serious injuries can occur even at low-speed collisions – as slow at 5 MPH! Left untreated, you may have significant pain and be unable to move your head very well. The best recommendation is to always consult a medical professional following an incident – even if you may seem fine – it could take days, weeks, or months for the pain to become apparent.

Migraines and headaches

Headaches and chronic migraines occur when you’ve had a concussion, and if you have these after a car accident, it may be hard for you to concentrate on work or school. Plus, these can affect your vision, and can even be a symptom of brain trauma. These symptoms are alarming and can be detrimental to your quality of life, so be sure to consult a physician if you are experiencing any of these issues.

Knee pain

Knee pain, or “dashboard knee” occurs exactly how it sounds. Upon impact with another vehicle, inertia can cause your body to move forward in your seat. As your body moves forward, your legs and knees may collide with the dashboard. If your knees sustain any damage, a physician may recommend a treatment plan for you. 

Shoulder pain

If you were wearing your seatbelt – and you always should wear one – then likely you’ll notice that you may have bruising or swelling on your shoulder. However, these contusions can make it difficult to move, and your joint may even be out of alignment. Having your shoulder checked by a doctor can help you avoid permanent injury.

Back Pain

Back pain is a common symptom of spinal misalignment, which is one of the most common injuries from a car accident. Spinal misalignment can cause slipped discs, or herniated discs, which can take medical intervention to repair.

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