3 Telltale Signs You Need to See an Interventional Pain Specialist

sign you need to see an interventional pain specialist

Living with chronic pain can be hard. Your condition can affect every aspect of your life, from being able to work or go to school to simply deal with the tasks of daily living. While it’s reasonable to experience aches and pains from time to time, if you’ve been wondering, “Is daily pain normal?”, then you may need to speak with a Chicago pain doctor to help find the causes of chronic pain and create a solution for your unique needs. There are a few signs that you may need to visit an interventional pain specialist.

Your Pain Won’t Go Away

If you have constant pain that won’t go away after many days, then you may need the services of an interventional pain doctor. What is an international pain doctor? They’re professional pain management practitioners who specialize in exclusively resolving chronic, acute, and severe pain. They’re trained to evaluate the underlying causes of pain problems and diagnose the right solutions to ease your condition.

You Don’t Want to Take Medication

While prescription pain medication can help many people with chronic health conditions function better, there can be many reasons that you may not wish to take medicine for your pain. Alternative treatments can reduce the need for medication that can have unpleasant side effects. Pain specialists have many different options, including both traditional and alternative methods of pain management.

Over time, the effectiveness of pain medicine can diminish, making it less effective, or causing you to have to take higher doses. Alternative pain management treatment can help with pain management, without the need for additional medication.

You Wish an Alternative to Surgery

While your condition requires surgery, there can be many reasons that people wish to avoid the procedure. Usually, surgery is the last possible option for chronic pain management, and if there are less invasive treatment methods available, a good interventional pain doctor can help you find them. Or, maybe your chronic pain is a result of surgery gone wrong, in which case, you’re likely to want to avoid another procedure. Whatever the reason, we can help reduce that need.

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