Chronic lower back pain affects up to 23% of all adults, making it one of the most common medical problems in the United States. Severe back pain makes it more difficult to carry groceries, tie your shoes, get into your vehicle and stand for long periods of time, proving to be a harsh obstacle during daily life. Although back pain is common, many people suffer in silence because they’re afraid to have surgery. MAPS Centers for Pain Control has the most experienced back pain doctors in Chicago, giving Chicagoland residents access to a wide variety of non-surgical treatment options.

Injection-Based Therapy

For severe back pain, Illinois residents may benefit from injection-based therapies, which provide rapid relief without the downtime required after surgery. At MAPS, we offer trigger point injections, lumbar and cervical injections, lumbar sympathetic blocks and more, all to heal the damage causing back pain. Some injections reduce inflammation, while others eliminate pain by numbing damaged nerves, but rest assured, the experts at MAPS will help you find the perfect treatment for your unique symptoms.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

At our back pain centers in Chicago, we also offer minimally invasive procedures designed to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. This allows our team of experts to control your pain without prescribing narcotics or doing invasive procedures that require months of recovery time.

Physical Therapy

For many people, working with a physical therapist helps strengthen the back and core muscles, reducing pain and improving your daily functioning. MAPS has experienced physical therapists available to assess your needs and design a custom treatment plan to help you through your journey to pain relief.

Bracing and Support

It’s difficult to move around when you’re in pain, but regular movement is important for maintaining your health. Bracing and rehabilitative support stabilizes your bones and ligaments, strengthens your muscles and helps you improve your balance, all of which can make ordinary movements less painful.

Responsible Pain Management

Although the United States is currently going through an opioid crisis, these medications do have a place in pain management, but only when used responsibly. If you need prescription pain relievers, our trusted team will monitor you closely and prescribe only as much medication as you need to control your pain.

Our physicians may also recommend an intrathecal pump or over-the-counter medications to bring you relief. An intrathecal pump carries pain medication directly into the spinal fluid, providing fast relief without some of the side effects associated with oral pain relievers.

Lifestyle Changes

We often recommend certain lifestyle changes to help relieve back pain and prevent it from returning. If you’re always slouching, for example, work on improving your posture. Losing excess weight can also take some of the strain off your back.

Get Relief From Chronic Back Pain

If you live in the Chicagoland area, call (773) 917-8400 to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment with one of the region’s leaders in pain relief. As the most trusted name in interventional pain medicine, MAPS offers compassionate patient care that can’t be matched elsewhere. Our physicians are double board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, giving you access to some of the most advanced treatments available. Relieve your back pain today with Chicagoland’s experts.