Osteoarthritis Treatment Program

Osteoarthritis is a condition that effects a vast amount of people for an ever of reasons. This disease occurs both in men and women and encompasses all age ranges. This condition is not special. You are though and so then must be the precautions and treatment you experience to combat Osteoarthritis.


Osteoarthritis, like many conditions, will only get dramatically worse in time if not treated. Bones will become exposed and damaged without the proper cartilage support they require. The pain you occur from Osteoarthritis is due to the body not being able to produce sodium hyaluronate which functions as a tissue lubricant for the body.

How we help: Our Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Program utilizes pain free Hyalgan injections which has sodium hyaluronate as their main ingredient. Hyalgan, a FDA approved medication, replenishes this lubricant, providing pain relief that is clinically proven and is non-surgical. Our series of Ultrasound guided Hyalgan injections coupled with a unique, pain free physical therapy program treat the cause of your pain so a costly knee replacement surgery can be avoided.

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