Migraine & Headache Pain Treatments

At MAPS Centers for Pain Control we use an innovative treatment to eliminate chronic migraines and headaches with the MiRx™ Protocol. This revolutionary method paired with our testing and analysis of your headache or migraine will relieve pain and prevent future head pain issues.


The MiRx™ Protocol is an FDA cleared two-part treatment that eliminates migraine and headache pain in Woodridge and surrounding areas. In a matter of minutes you will begin to experience pain relief while, the solution works to also preventing future pain from reoccurring. MiRx Protocol targets a nerve cluster deep in the nasal cavity called the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) which, reduces head pain.

The MiRx™ Protocol consists of a medical component and a physical component. The medical component consists of a spray that is used to block the reaction of the nervous system and relieves the headache pain. The second step of the process is treatment of the underlying conditions. This could include anything from physical therapy to chiropractic adjustments, diet modifications or stress management therapy. These steps can eliminate the conditions causing migraines and headache pain.

Relief from migraine and headache pain using MiRx™ will only last long term if the entire protocol is followed. Clinical tests recommend 4-6 weeks of treatments. One treatment can sometimes relieve a patient’s headache pain long-term. However, re-occurring headaches and migraine episodes are much more likely if the physiological conditions are ignored. Patients that have experienced chronic migraines or headaches might need additional treatments.

The goal is to stop the pain and by reducing the reaction of the SPG nerve. Patients can then focus more on the triggers that bring on migraines and headaches. If you are suffering from migraines or headaches contact MAPS Centers for Pain Control and eliminate your pain.


Many times the cause of back pain is due to excessive pressure placed on the body throughout the years. It comes from our daily tasks such as lifting and carrying, our posture, injuries that have affected us in the past and even the constant pull of gravity that weights down on the body. Overtime the back becomes compressed and small jelly like discs that provide support in the back between our vertebra become compromised. The compression of these discs leads to problems such as herniated discs and sciatica. The goal of spinal decompression is to relieve pressure in the back and release compression on the spinal discs.

NASA first experimented with the spinal decompression technology. They discovered the positive effect weightlessness had on back pain problems. Non-surgical spinal decompression creates tremendous negative pressure on the disc that duplicates weightlessness. This reduced pressure in the back provides oxygen and nutrients to the spinal discs allowing them to heal overtime. Along side with our spinal decompression therapy our physical therapist will work with you to increase muscle strength, stability and flexibility. These two therapies work together to eliminate your pain and provide you lasting protection.

Spinal decompression is proven to relieve back pain, hip pain, herniated disc, degenerative disc, sciatica and other common back pain conditions. Spinal decompression therapy has also shown to improve migraine and headache pain. Our team of pain management specialists will get you back to living a normal healthy life, feeling better and stronger than before.


Whether you are suffering from muscle pain, tightness or pinched nerves, massage therapy for pain relief can reduce these symptoms and eliminate stress. Massaging and stretching the muscles provides pain relief and reduces tension. Massage therapy will also increase blood flow to the muscles which helps promote muscle flexibility and healing. Over time massage therapy helps patients regain proper posture from muscular imbalances placed on the body.

Many problems of pain in the neck, shoulders and back are due to tight, tender and dehydrated areas of muscle called trigger points. At MAPS Centers for Pain Control we perform trigger point massage to release the tight points and provide hydration to the muscles relieving the pain.

Our massage therapists at MAPS Centers for Pain Control provide pain relief for all symptoms of the body including migraines and headaches. Our therapist will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed while eliminated your pain.

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