Knee & Hip Pain Treatments

Knee and hip pain can limit your ability to perform daily activities and execute simple tasks. Pain may come and go but if you notice consistent pain it may be a sign of a more serious condition. The pain management specialists at MAPS Centers for Pain Control will help evaluate your pain symptoms, identify and treat the cause of your knee or hip pain. We specialize in the treatment of osteoarthritis and can help you avoid surgery.


Osteoarthritis, like many conditions, will only get dramatically worse in time if not treated. Bones will become exposed and damaged without the proper cartilage support they require. The pain you occur from Osteoarthritis is due to the body not being able to produce sodium hyaluronate which functions as a tissue lubricant for the body.

How we help: Our Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Program utilizes pain free Hyalgan injections which has sodium hyaluronate as their main ingredient. Hyalgan, a FDA approved medication, replenishes this lubricant, providing pain relief that is clinically proven and is non-surgical. Our series of Ultrasound guided Hyalgan injections coupled with a unique, pain free physical therapy program treat the cause of your pain so a costly knee replacement surgery can be avoided.


Our physical therapists diagnose and treat health-related conditions and injuries that limit the ability of and individual to move and perform functional activities. The therapists at MAPS Centers for Pain Control will provide programs to strengthen and repair muscle patterns and correct muscle imbalances created by repetitive or unnatural movement. These programs will help lower the risk of any muscular imbalances in biomechanical function and reduce the probability of injury.

Our Physical Therapists use myofascial release techniques, manual therapy, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercises and various physical therapy modalities, to treat the body and improve biomechanical stability.


Therapeutic injections for pain management are sometimes in pain management to treat acute or chronic pain symptoms. Pain injections can relieve pain, decrease inflammation, increase joint function and aid in joint recovery.

Cortisone Injections – Relieve pain and inflammation in joints, most commonly knee, ankle, hip, elbow, shoulder, spine and wrist.

Epidural Injections – An option for forms of low back pain sciatica, and leg pain.

Hyalgan Injections – Increases lubrication and shock absorption in the knee.

All of our injections are Ultrasound guided. There are no blind injections. That means, in every case you are assured that the medicine is delivered right where it is supposed to be to.

Physical therapy is often accompanied by many of our injection protocols and works to increase the lasting effectiveness of the injection.


Whether you are suffering from muscle pain, tightness or pinched nerves, massage therapy for pain relief can reduce these symptoms and eliminate stress. Massaging and stretching the muscles provides pain relief and reduces tension. Massage therapy will also increase blood flow to the muscles which helps promote muscle flexibility and healing. Over time massage therapy helps patients regain proper posture from muscular imbalances placed on the body.

Many problems of pain in the neck, shoulders and back are due to tight, tender and dehydrated areas of muscle called trigger points. At MAPS Centers for Pain Control we perform trigger point massage to release the tight points and provide hydration to the muscles relieving the pain.

Our massage therapists at MAPS Centers for Pain Control provide pain relief for all symptoms of the body including migraines and headaches. Our therapist will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed while eliminated your pain.


According to ancient Chinese philosophy acupuncture works to correct the opposing forces yin and yang in the body. When the yin and yang are in balance the body is in a healthy state. Tiny hair thin needles are placed on specific acupuncture points throughout the body. The needles stimulate the points and relieve pressure and obstructions to allow proper energy flow that promotes healing.

The more scientific explanation for how acupuncture works is that the needles stimulate the central nervous system and releases chemicals of neurotransmitters and hormones. The chemicals work to relieve pain and improve immune system responses.

Acupuncture commonly treats back pain, migraines, headaches, osteoarthritis, allergies, muscle spasms, high-blood pressure, digestive problems, depression, and insomnia.


Kinesio taping works in several ways to relief muscle and joint pain, support ligaments, increase range of motion, improve blood circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles. Below are some of the main functions that taping preforms:

Support – Proper taping of the muscles improves the efficiency of the muscle contractions while reducing muscle pain and fatigue.

Increased Blood Flow – Muscle taping improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation within muscle fibers and ligaments. This increase in blood flow also promotes healing in the muscles by allowing them to receive rich nutrients.

Increase Range of Motion – Keniso taping also works to realign improper movement patters and adjust muscular misalignment from tight muscles. This reduces joint dysfunctions.

Kinesio taping has been widely used in professional sports by physical therapists. Proper taping of the muscles reduces athletic injuries and helps to aid in injury recovery. The tape is used to treat conditions of neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, foot and ankle pain, knee and hip pain.

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